Sunday, November 15, 2015


“You’re never going to get what you want and you’re wasting you’re time.”
One of my best friends, “MS.MET”

For several reasons, I’ve been curating posts from my one-year stunt-fiction blog, The One Year Manbbatical. For those interested, guess what?! I’ve learned nothing about men in the last five years. Also I think I may have been a better writer back then. That’s not the point. The point is the falling in love with the wrong men thing I’ve got going on. It seems to be my jam, despite myself. So the rational part of me is here to dish out some unsolicited advice on how to get over someone who doesn’t love you back, based on my experience.

1.     Realize they don’t love you back, and never will. You’re never going to change him/her, and you’re never going to get what you want from that person.
2.     Delete phone numbers. Mute on Facebook & Twitter. That way you don’t seem like a total creep for de-friending them or unfollowing them. *this includes not checking their Instagram/Snapchat/Vine/Periscope/Pintrest, or listening to their podcast.
3.     Avoid places where he/she hangs out. Why do it to yourself? Don’t make it harder.
4.     Every time you feel like reaching out to them, call a friend. Even better, do a little chore you’ve been putting off.
5.     Sleep with someone else. Therapists may strongly disagree but I say a good palette-cleanser is the first step toward re-immersing yourself into the dating world.
6.     Know that you will get over it. Quit the whole, “the one that got away” bit. It’s (probably) not true.

Now this advice may seem like tough-love. I say, take my advice.

I’m not using it.