Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coffee & Cigarettes. Cigarettes & Coffee. (dirty habits for a dirty girl.)

Jim Jarmusch is one of my favorite filmmakers. Patsy Cline, Bob Dylan, & Otis Redding are some of my most-loved musical artists. It’s probably a coincidence that each of these artistic masters have (a) film or songs designated to two of my cherished antidotes: CIGARETTES and/or COFFEE.
I know cigarettes are horrible. Both of my grandmothers and my grandfather had lung cancer. It’s gross, it smells, it kills, it’s expensive, it’s addictive, etc, etc… I know this. But do I love smoking? Yes. Am I good at smoking? Yes. It’s self-destructive love-affair that I’m just not ready to quit. Don’t ask me to this year, either. I’m giving up dick for 365 days, & junk-food & booze 6 days a week. Give me a break. I’m not an animal, for godssake!
Coffee is not nearly as bad for you, but in excess (like anything) is unhealthy. I’m currently down to 1 measly cup a day, but I fantasize about drinking it all day. (I’ve always told my doctors: I’m not just addicted to alcohol- I’m addicted to ALL beverages! See? I’m just THIRSTY!) Go ahead & tell me how awesome green tea tastes. If you like drinking hot liquid dirt, than yes, green tea IS great. The thing about the film, Coffee & Cigarettes, the songs Cigarettes & Coffee (O.R.), Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray (P.C.) & One More Cup Of Coffee (B.D.) is that they’re not really talking about how much they love smoking or drinking latées. They’re talking about the heartbreak, the love, the ideas, the arguments, the forgiveness, & the meetings that happen over cigarettes & coffee- the (albeit not very fashionable anymore) romance of it. When I’m genuinely enjoying myself with someone- I’ll always order another cup of coffee, even if I’m running short on time. I will burn my gullet if it means spending more time with crush or a good friend.
Otis’s song is one of the most tender I’ve ever heard. All of his songs are- but that one in particular stands out for me. Even though he’s purring out lyrics about stuff that makes me shake, I want it to be my wedding song. I'm SURE that will come back & bite me in the ass, but whatever.
Patsy’s lyrics break my heart. Her husband’s cheatin’ heart is exposed by lipstick-stained butts in her living room. I’ve been there, Cline. It hurts. Know what makes me feel a lil’ better? Smoking a cigarette (and turning my coffee irish).
Dylan croons about a love that is doomed, but will enjoy one more hot, succoring cup to keep the dream alive a bit longer. I get it, Bob.
And Jarmusch? Let's just say that anything he writes/directs is already great- but if it stars a mosaic of my film, comedy & music idols, well then... Come on, people. It just doesn't really get better.
Sometimes things that are bad, make me feel good. Like MAN-X. You know what I’d love nothing more than to do with MAN-X? Sit & talk over a coffee & cigarettes. Instead, that’s how I’m getting through my work, today. With coffee. And Cigarettes.


Anonymous said...

I hate the smell of regular cigarettes, but I love the smell of pipe tobacco. Why can't cigarette manufacturers make their wares with pipe tobacco?
"lipstick-stained butts" would be a great name for a band.

Jacquelyn@TheSingleWordReview said...

Dude. Is it true that you discovered a cheating heart by noticing lipstick on cigarettes? Harsh. But my friend's discovery takes the cake. While sorting laundry she happened to catch lipstick on the peek-a-boo opening of her husband's boxers! Ewwww.

Comedian X said...

"Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" By Rufas Wainwright. I like that song.

Lisa said...

What Mr. X said... I love the Rufus song!

And also "Cigarettes and Alcohol" by Oasis. That was like, the theme song of me & Mels in our early Montreal years.

allofyou said...

that otis redding song is one of my all time favourites, claire. love love love it, and not many people know it.

i'll have a coffee and a few smokes with you anytime.


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