Thursday, December 16, 2010

Home Is Where The Lady-Boner Is

Begrudgingly I flew back to Toronto, today. As my plane harrowed through the clouds descending onto my hometown, the hot sun that had kissed my cheeks in LA just this morning was nowhere to be found. It’s cold, damp, dark & snowy. It was a great trip, from beginning, to end. I got to pal around with some of my comedy idols (including 1 of the creators of The Simpsons). I spent days & nights with my best friend. I had fantastic meetings that surpassed my wildest expectations. It was t-shirt & jean weather- my favorite. I got to spend hours on end with HIM- including going to CBS to watch HIM tape a segment for CRAIG FERGUSON.
To be fair, my flight home was as sweet as I could have hoped for. HIM drove me to the airport this morning, & sweetly kissed me goodbye- before I popped a Vicondin that I hungrily washed down with coffee to make my traveling way more awesome. I cried like a little asshole upon leaving BAIT, & then again when leaving HIM.
Upon arriving at my terminal, I noticed the most handsome little scenester. Obviously a musician, or an artist type. Obviously too young/cool for me. Obviously so cute there was NO WAY I was going to let this opportunity pass me by. Wouldn’t you know? Of the approximate 200 seats on the plane, we were seated right next to each other. He held my coffee as I struggled to get off my sweater & my carry on bags. I didn’t look so bad for 7am & a very tipsy 3hrs sleep, if I do say so, myself. I NEVER talk to anyone whilst travelling. For some reason, I thought I should fire up a conversation with my new little hottie-travelling-companion, who was travelling from LA to Toronto via Chicago- just like me. Guess what? Our seats from O’Hara to YYZ were also right next top each other (but across the aisle…) so; He & I spent the day together. Of course, he’s in a band. (& A pretty fucking cool one, at that!) He knows my EX (ALADIN) & we have other mutual friends. He’s staying with friends 2 blocks away from my place, in town. I gave him (I’ll name him LIL’ HOTTIE) my number. We’ve exchanged a couple of texts. Nothing serious, nothing flirty. I miss HIM, with all of my heart. Were it not for my Manbbatical, however, I might have made a serious pass at LIL' HOTTIE. Maybe a little kissy-kissy in the sky? Who knows? But I’m behaving (kind of.) There’s my Manbbatical. There’s HIM. There’s ME, for fuck’s sake!
I’m back home, nursing a/4 beers, cuddling & making up lost time with my kitten, catching up on work, & already checking availability & prices on flights to LA for January. I have zero desire to be here. LA feels like it was just a dream. I was surrounded by people who excel at what they do, who are driven & inspired & hungry in a way that I want/need to be. It lit a fire under my ass. I want to live there. I have many friends, there. I could work there. I could ignore winter’s blistery injustice. I could hang & work with BAIT in person, on a regular basis. That city is electric. I can feel it in my bones as soon as I pull into town. LA is where I belong.
It’s good to be in my own space, I suppose. Even if the VAG-MOBILE is dead inside (much like moi). I can’t afford to fix her. Pray for a miracle, folks. Move it to the top of your list of wishes. You know how important this is!!! Do you WANT me to play Hamilton, or NOT?!? Do you want me to live the dream OR NO?!?
I can write normally, again. Eat properly, sleep well, concentrate, gig, make money, go to the gym, not have to be too shy to go poo in someone else’s house. Yeah, all the stuff is way more awesome than chillin’ in LA with my bestie, doing the work I love, being near the man who makes my heart beat aflutter… Trudging through the bitter snow instead of flip-flops & a laissez-faire ‘tude is just dope. Find a way, universe. Find a way to get me to LA.


Anonymous said...

It's funny that the way you talk about LA, is the same way I talk about Toronto. It's the right place for me right now, which is why I'm moving there in a few months. I think we all have a city/town that matches our state of mind, and I hope you get to yours in LA!

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