Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twisted Sister

A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double.
Toni Morrison
If I were more like my sister, I never would have had to swear off of dudes & dating. Where I'm all over the place, she's grounded. Where I'm flaky & indecisive, she's disciplined. Many men have fallen for her, but she's always known whom to love, & whom to trust.
When I was little, I always wanted to be just like, & spend all of my time playing with my sister, (CC). Wearing her clothes, befriending her pals, & sleeping with her in bed. When I was scared or stressed out, I would climb under her covers, & wake her up. I would badger her with questions about what it felt like to be older, more mature, less scared. She was always so self-assured. I wanted her charm, hilarity, smarts & talent to rub off on me. (You should know that CC is an infinitely more talented actress, singer, joke-teller & writer, than I am. She just chose a more practical lifestyle.) We had a love-hate relationship well into our late (LATE) teens, early 20’s. We physically fought. We got locks on our bedroom doors in high school. Although there was no one we loved more, we usually couldn’t stand each other while in school. She would tattle on me, I would harass & embarrass her. At the end of the day, no one understood us more than one another, & 1 look was all we needed to instinctively know exactly what the other was thinking, or feeling. We share weird, inexplicable fears (of black holes & extraordinarily large objects, etc…) & both developed motion sickness at the same time in our adult-lives. We both have bad backs, the same eyeglass prescription, the same breathing problems, & bruise easily. We both cry easily & laugh even more fluently- often at inappropriate moments. Though we have diversely different styles, we always know precisely what the other would wear. We love the same literature, films & TV shows. She knows more about sports than any dude I know. She’s fluent in English (obvi), French, Spanish, and German & understands Creole & Italian. She’s travelled the world on her own dime. She dug wells in Africa for clean drinking water, while I danced on bars with lampshades on my head. She sits on many boards, & raises & donates tons of money for charity each year.
CC looks a lot like me. The older we get, the more we (very) often get mistaken for twins. We are the same height, same build, have the same great features & the same problem areas. With a few exceptions, (her hair is thicker, her feet & boobs smaller, her nails a different shape…) we look almost identical. She works very hard at keeping her body in top shape- she eats well & works out on the regular.
She is 2 1/2yrs older than I, but people can never decipher the age difference.
CC has worked incredibly hard for everything she has. She put herself through university with part-time jobs & scholarships. She knew from a tender age that she wanted a career in radio. She volunteered in all the places that would further her calling. She studied tirelessly in school to get good grades, & then worked her ass off to make money- in order to not burden my parents with “her” financial responsibilities. She put her pride aside, & took all the jobs in her field that would inform her, & allow her to network.
She met her husband at a young age. She was 21. They were married 2 days after her 24th birthday. I stood up for her, & it was one of the happiest, proudest days of my life. (I have a feeling I’m losing some male readers, at the moment. Hang in, fellas. She’s really hot, if that helps? AND she's got a great rack?) Her husband is one of the most wonderful men you’ll ever know. He supports CC, fights for her, is tender with her, strong, & has a great sense of humor. He also buys her stuff. Not only does he put up with our cackling & jackasseries, he often indulges us. He is the kind of man I would like to share MY life with. They have been married for 13 years. Theirs is a story of only a very few, that help me believe that marriage can actually work.
Over the years, both of them have achieved great levels of success in their respective fields. They worked hard & made informed, effective financial decisions & own a beautiful home- that they purchased with the financial help of no one but themselves. They have suffered some difficult times, but always seem to come out on the other side, better than they were, before.
CC & her husband (BROINLAW) have a brand-new, beautiful baby girl (TINY NIECE). TINY NIECE has brought my whole family (including my mother & step-mother, who had never spoken for obvious reasons) together. Her existence is miraculous & the best gift we could ever hope for. If she turns out to be half the woman her mommy is, she’ll be one lucky girl. CC is also a natural when it comes to parenting. She lights up with TINY NIECE. Is there anything this woman CAN’T do?
Look- she’s not perfect. No one is. But she’s pretty close, & I’m lucky to be related to her. I’m still hoping all of her qualities rub off on me, after 34 years of being her little sister.


KO said...

Reading this, I'm reminded of my older sister. Although we are of different gender, I share many of the same feelings towards my sibling. Maybe I'm just a little more vulnerable or festively sensitive these days, but now I'm all like sniff sniff, I need a kleenex. Shout out to great older sisters!

Luc said...

I have 4 brothers and 5 sisters and i am a twin with one of my sister . Before my mother past away she gave us a message! Try to get along..and we all do. It,s a small miracle that we still talk to each other, the 10 of us. In my world, there is nobody more important than my brothers and sisters.

Andre said...

I'm a male reader you didn't lose... My older over achieving brother, about the same age difference as you and your sis, has a the cutest baby boy who is celebrating his first birthday on Christmas day. He has the most amazing smile that Everyone just lights up when they see it.

Hey maybe my Nephew and your TINY NIECE will one day hook up, get hitched and you and I will be related! Crazier things have happened.

Have a great Christmas Claire!

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