Friday, May 20, 2011

I've Got A Brand New Pair Of Eyeballs

Read more about the Manbbatical in today's Globe & Mail here.

Well, it’s over. I feel as though I’m looking at the world/men with a new set of eyeballs.
I should tell you that I STILL haven’t had sex- not even close.
Closing ceremonies were SO much fun, in a very sexless way (who would’ve guessed?). A collection of my all-time favorite ladies (who happened to be in Toronto) including FLOATING HEAD, SAUCY MINX, PEACOCK, & ÇA-RAGE (who drove in all the way from Montreal JUST to have dinner with us, AND bought me a GORGEOUS Longchamp handbag…) & I had a lovely dinner in the private room at NAMI (Japanese) & then went dancing- where we were joined by other sassy dames such as BING-BANG, LADY DI & SMORES. It was awesome. Raw fish, JLo, shooters out of test tubes & shaking our lady-asses? Honestly- who could ask for more? It was AMAZING, & it meant so much to me to ring-in this new chapter of my life with these great friends.
It’s going to be weird for me when I DO hook up with a dude. I feel like it’s a private thing, but it’s not fair of me to invite all of you to examine my life like a specimen & then slam the door in your faces when it gets a little more real. It’s one thing to describe my fantasies or past events, but to tell you what my current sex-life is like? SCARY!!!! I think it’s only fair though, & I also think it’s important to give the project the closure it & my readers deserve. I will definitely keep blogging & I promise to let you know how it all turns out.
To be honest I’ve been too busy to even consider meeting /getting rammed by some little hot-fox. I DID intend to take the entire day off yesterday, but I found myself working intermittently throughout the day, all the same. What if I become one of those creeps, who only ever thinks about & does work? We all know that all work & no play makes Jack a dull boy.
I don’t want to be a dull Jack! But I’m scared… has my hymen/integrity grown back?


Quatsch said...

Sounds like you got some real perspective during the past year. Be careful with yourself and you don't owe anybody details about your sex life. But if you fall back into the old ways that you were in, you will feel the difference and know something isn't right.

It's like eating only healthy food for a while and going back to junk food, you feel like crap.

So be careful and treat any guy you do find with the respect with which you would like to be treated . That means that if you wouldn't want him blogging about sex with you, then maybe you shouldn't either.

Anonymous said...

Your hymen never grows back. It's not physical; it's not even about the sex. A hymen is simply a symbol for innocence.

Our modern world sees innocence as a pitiful thing, a handicap, just as the ancient world saw it as a saleable commodity. It's neither. It's a way of welcoming life with open eyes and open arms. Every single person you have ever slept with was a unique individual, precious to someone (if only to themselves). They should have seen you that way--you should have seen them that way. You both missed the bus.

Don't ever miss another bus. Make your next love be for real. If it isn't, don't embark upon it. This time open your heart, as well as your arms. thighs, and eyes. But first open a book. Innocence doesn't preclude wisdom.

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