Tuesday, June 4, 2013


“…It would take way too long & too much work for me to come up with a quote about sisterhood while I’m immersed in this marketing proposal, Claire!”
-Melissa Morris
There’s a woman who exists who lives a balanced, happy life. She’s worked inexorably since she was 14 years old. She saved every penny, put herself through university, & eventually landed the career of her dreams. She is popular without being acerbic, strong while being gentle and intellectually enlightened without being arrogant. In high school she was voted Valedictorian and (20+) years later, is regarded by her peers as clever and fastidious.
This woman has been married to the same extraordinary man for the past 15 years. She is the mother to the cutest dog and most wonderful, kind 2-year-old girl. This woman is the ultimate example of “you get what you give”. This isn’t to say that she’s perfect; she would be annoying were she immaculate. No, this woman is a pleasure to be around- you’re always glad to see her- and when she leaves you the atmosphere dips in a noticeable way.
Beyond all of this, this woman is a knockout. She’s 5”9, slim, blonde and stylish. She’s always well put together whether in track-pants or a business suit. She works out regularly, eats well & grasps the concept of balance and moderation. She is naturally funny to append her charm. This lady has it going on.
This woman has a sister who is an addict/alcoholic who also suffers from bipolar disorder II. For the past 22 years of her life she has had to deal with the repercussions of such a sibling. The more her sister was coddled, the higher the expectations of her. As she tried to live the most peaceful, assiduous life she could, her sister’s disease rang through her family & her life like a devastating storm. Instead of resenting her sister or her disease, she became informed- always there with unyielding support in every way she could.
This woman exists. This lady is my sister. She is my beacon of light if a beacon of light were hilarious, awesome and lent me clothes.
I love her with all of my heart.


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Wow. I was so touched by this. Wow.

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