Wednesday, July 31, 2013


"Bitches get shit done"
-Tina Fey 

It’s easy to be a little Judge Judy when it comes to people who are nuts. We all do it- even us certified crazies. We use ourselves as measuring sticks: “that girl is WAY crazier than I am”, “that dude’s seems normal but I know he’s doing his best impression of NOT being a psychopath”, etc… People throw around the word “crazy” the way they toss out “Fag, nigger, slut, bitch, retard, etc.” Sure, they’re just words (I’ve used most of them often despite myself) but they come from a place of misunderstanding, shock-value, laziness & profiteering from groups of people who’ve experienced exploitation for aspects of their lives beyond their control & mostly what should be celebrated about them, not condemned for.
People tell me that sure I’m crazy, but I’m not really CRAZY. Really? Studies have shown that bipolar disorder & schizophrenia are much closely related than ever thought before. Having spent many months of my life in & out of institutions, I can tell you with assurance it’s tough to make the distinction between someone acting manic, schizophrenic, post-traumatically stressed or one with a personality disorder- if not properly medicated & cared for. I’m here to tell you that without the love, & financial support of my friends and family, (+ socialized medicine) I would be homeless & asking you for change, but most likely dead. In addition, 80% of people who are mentally ill suffer from addiction. This too, is a disease & not a choice. It’s not about laziness, selfishness or willpower. They are sick. It is a deadly disease. So when they ask you for change- don’t ignore them. Just tell them that you can’t & maybe that you’re sorry that you can’t. They are people, just like you & I. There for the grace of God, and thus the cards you were dealt.
All of this said, where would we be without crazy people? You like your Woody Allen movies? He fucks his daughter. You like your Van Gogh? He cut off his ear, man. You think Earnest Hemingway was a brilliant writer who moved you? He killed himself after undergoing multiple rounds of electroshock therapy, as did the genius poet Sylvia Plath. I’m not just talking famous geniuses. So many corporate/business people do their best work while manic. So much of what moves you, makes you want to laugh, cry, love, hate, feel… comes from us crazies.
I was inspired to write this post while listening to the new Kanye West record. Now many of you will take what I’ve said less seriously, because he acts like a constant dick & you might hate his music. I think this record is brilliant. Do you like Margaret Atwood? I’ve heard from direct lines that she’s a fucking bitch. Do I care? Does that affect my life? No, but her literature sure does. Her imagination is wild. I don’t know if she’s crazy or not, but what she gives to the world is crucial.
Like what you like, hate whom you want. All I’m saying is open your heart a little bit. Let the love in, it feels so much better than the alternative.


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Since I know I am crazy, and have been steps from death and asking for change.... I look us in the eye or if they have been so scathed I ask them to look at me in the eye and say I'm sorry not today. I smile or hug them because I know what we think we see or know is all in our head and sometimes its hard to live with whats in our heads. I wish you well on your journey as I hope you wish me.

Crazy #2, wanna be #1 ;)

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