Monday, September 7, 2015


…It’s a beautiful evenin’, fans
At the ballpark
When the game starts
Warm summer breezes
Sun’s goin’ down
And it’s all dark
At the ballpark
But that’s okay… it’s a night game…

My two best friends hate baseball. They don’t get it, they don’t want me to explain it to them, and they don’t want to hear me talk about it. They don’t even “like” my Facebook statuses about the Blue Jays or pictures of me at games. It’s fine. I can find new friends. (Just kidding. Those two are irreplaceable. Sorry everybody who are dying to take their place.)
The thing about baseball for me is it’s not just validating my competitive nature, the intensity, the hot dudes, the stats, or the athleticism. It’s a reprieve. It’s letting go of all of my other heartaches, worries and deadlines. Even though I’ve been known to tear up during the 7th inning stretch, there’s no crying in baseball, so there you go. At least three hours where I’m not allowed to cry. (I’m a huge crybaby. I cry all the time. Why a man hasn’t snatched me up by now is beyond me.)
Going to a game is something special. Especially when it’s with my dad. It’s pretty much the most time we get to spend together & it’s quality time, even though we both have our transistor radios on & listen to the live broadcast throughout the game. But when 30 000-40 000 people are rallying for the same goal, in one place at one time, it’s electric. When people tell me baseball is boring, I pray that one day they get to see a double-play, a home-run, or a stolen base. I once saw Aaron Hill steal HOME & he stole my heart that day. Or maybe I just have to accept that baseball is boring for some people. And that’s ok. (No it’s not, but I WANT to be/sound like a good person)
Whether it’s at watching the game at home, going with a bunch of friends, family, or even going by myself, I never feel alone. I’m rooting for something good. My mind is focused on something other than my own troubles & I can even out. I believe in those athletes. I believe in their strength, their focused energy, their willpower and their commitment. It inspires me. It’s about more than baseball. It’s about respect and honor. It’s almost spiritual.
I’m not telling you to start loving baseball now (although now is a great time to start LOVING the Blue Jays). I’m just saying that for me, it’s great remission from life as I know it. Just a short mitigation.
Go Jays.


Dale moger said...

" I woulda played for food stamps......I woulda played for nothin " Ray Liota as Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams

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