There are so many people who I have to thank. Without their love, support, money, press or advice this Manbbatical might not have been A) possible or 2. fun.
These are them:

To stinky-bruce-springsteen-brosseau, marylouise & wayne kinahan, theresa treutler & john bosseau, melissa & greg morris, barbara skinner, jessica parĂ©, john kastner, michael hollett, sara johnston, chris velan, tim mcauliffe & jessica kozakiewicz, jody cundy & thanos webb, mark breslin, kathryn borel jr. & graham wagner, joanna barker, lauren hammersley, christophe davidson, joan carr-wiggin, david & savitri gordian, andi & raluca state, perdy andrews & riley adams, holly o’brien, gillian & russel bennet, rachelle loubert, christine donnely, mike banani, catherine stauckhausen, lianne balaban, amanda macdonald, kristeen vonhagen & luciano casimiri, kathy daehler, amy sobol, natasha hall, semi chellas, jamillah ross, virginia jones, sean ottey, debra digiovanni, kathleen mcgee, trevor boris, peter anthony, andrew johnston, martha chaves, pete zedlacher, christina walkinshaw, michelle shaughnessy, liz & terri mcgurrin, shannon laverty, laurie elliott, allyson smith, nikky payne, dana alexander, dave kerr & kate singer, michael white, dave foley, harry doupe, johnny gardhouse, chuck byrn, cedric newman, adam christie, tara sloane, karim zouack, mihkel harilaid, kenny robinson, jian ghomeshi, julia rosenberg, simon fraser, colleen rusholme & howard glassman, fred kennedy, sook-yin lee, jim richards, glenn sumi, nick mccabe-lokos, marilyn dennis, ben miner, darren frost, dave martin, scott tucker, erica fairfield & amanda rosenthal, silver butler, dan delmar, manolis zontanos, sara moroni, aja sax, eddie della sieppe, bryan hatt, aaron berg, rob pue, andrew killawee, douglas tommy, stephen patterson, lisa cowbella, mike & alice nelson, lil’ fists, darren curtis, lori gibbs, timothy thomas & steve lachuta, dan beirne, kate davis, simon rakoff, dov michelson, beth nichols & jessica guinty, tony krolo & derek supple, rebecca kholer, dan guiry, james kearney, tim phillips, joe boccia & antonella lacaprara, nisha ganatra, lou molinaro, Bar_One & the barone family, YUK YUK’s, ART, UTA, XM radio, CBC TV & radio1, CTV, CityTV, Virgin Radio, Boom 97.3, The Edge 102.1fm, CFRB, CJAD, FM96, Live 105, NOW magazine, NXNE, The Hour magazine, WE-VIBE, Breakfast Television, Post City, She Does The City, JH5, & &

To all the boys I wanted to french-kiss & didn’t. To the VERY few boys (& girls) with whom I slipped up & slipped the tongue a lil' bit, to the ones that commented & emailed, to my girls who constantly talked me off the ledge, to those who gave me money allowing me to go on with this insane project, to my weed dealer & LCBO who made most of my posts possible, my agents & managers, those who believed in me, those who challenged me, to the haters that helped me grow a thicker skin, to my vibrators LANCELOT & CLETUS (I couldn’t have done it without you) those who gave me free stuff, all the people who hire me to be funny or dramatic, MY THERAPIST, my naturopath, those who helped me design the website, the logo etc… To the ex-boyfriends who pissed me off & grossed me out so much that I had to get off dudes for an entire year. To the comics, actors & writers who inspired me to keep going, my whole entire brosseau/kinahan/morris/hunter/skinner/carillo/simio family/clan, the vag-mobile who never gives up & got me to many interviews & gigs for this project, my guest-posters, my besties’ husbands/wives/partners/kids who put up with me in your homes, on your phones & couches & drinking your wine, & everyone who helped me bring this project into the light & kept it going- even when I didn’t feel like it.

It’s been so worth it. I’m not being sarcastic.